If you’re joining our sessions for the first time, here are some things to consider:

Shoes & Clothes

Tight but comfortable shoes are best for climbing in, like pumps or trainers (wellies, sandals and flip flops are not great).

If it’s warm then shorts and T-shirts are ideal but we recommend that you bring some other layers as well. If it is cold then bring lots of layers! No dresses or skirts please as they get get in the way and can get caught on the climbing holds.

No jewellery please. Especially NO RINGS, which can be very dangerous when climbing.

Adults should also wear appropriate footwear for going on the sometimes uneven mats. 


There is no need for children to use climbing chalk, so please don’t worry about bringing any.

Drink & Snacks

 The cafe has cartons of juice and we provide squash and water. Please can you bring your own cup or bottle for your child, if a plastic cup is not suitable for them. The cafe has a good selection of snacks, we  also provide a few biscuits.


What ages can participate in classes?

Rock Tots: 1-5yr

Rock Kids: 2 ½-6yr although we suggest 2 year old have had either experience with Rock Tots or are very physically confidant.


Rock Tots; Tuesday and Thursday 10:30-11-45

Rock Kids Monday 1:30-2:45


To be confirmed 

When are Classes?

£6.50 when you book online, for one adult with up to two children.

Booking here for:

For Sheffield 

For Manchester 

How much will it cost?

Yes please. It guarantees your space and saves you time and money

Do I need to book?

No. You will have to have completed a supervising adult’s induction, so you can keep your child safe and know the rules of the centre.

Do I have to be a climber?

You need to supervise your children at all times, helping them to stick to the rules of the centre, you do not need to be able to climb for this but you will need to be able to physically help support them if needed.

Do adults need to participate?


Due to the capacity and business of the climbing centers, 8 children can attend on a weekend, and 12 on a week day party.

how many children can come?

In Sheffield; yes you will need to bring your own food. Some people have been known to get pizza delivered!

Manchester; is still to be confirmed

Do we need to bring our own party food?

Children of this age need their own supervising adult. As long as there is a ratio of one adult supervising to two children, it does not have to be their parent but you may find it easiest to just say that adults should stay.

All the supervising adults will get a free supervising induction, but they must arrive 15 min before the start of the party, for this, if they have not already done this before.

Do the parents need to stay at the party?