A fun, developmental climbing based programme.


Rock Tots promotes confidence, coordination & balance in a fun and active way.


The Rock Tots Programme

Rock Tots is a climbing-based developmental programme for 1- 6yr and their adults. It incorporates balance, co-ordination and flexibility as well as many other skills for climbing.

We run weekly Rock Tots and Rock Kids classes from many climbing centres around the country. We also run parties at the weekend as well as in the week, when sessions are not on.

We have a rolling programme, each week focusing on a different skill to help us learn about climbing. In all our climbing centres we have a dedicated climbing area for children and beginners.  These are all bouldering areas so there are no ropes involved.

Each session includes different activities including active singing and games on and off the wall. The instructor gives personalised levelled tasks, challenges, coaching and help to both tots and their supervising adults. 

We have developed certified levels for each of the skills areas making it very clear to see how the little ones are progressing.

If you’ve not visited us before, you’ll need to attend a safety induction and become a member of the centre. There is often one before the class starts but please contact the centre, because you will need to book on for it. 

Rock Tots is currently term time only. You can join any point throughout the rolling programme, so you can start mid term if you wish!  However, we do offer some sessions over the summer holidays. 

Why Rock Tots?

The schedule includes: dynamic movement, balance, movement initiation, coordination, flexibility and sequence recollection. Each week we will focus our games on one of these areas.

Rachel our founder, has written an article about children’s climbing and the Rock Tots programme.



Rock tots is the first programme of its kind world wide! With a uniquely developed, early years curriculum for climbing.


Rock Tots has certified award scheme, with clear accredited levels, that make it easy to see skills being achieved and how progress can be made. 


The Programme has be developed by a highly achieving teacher, climbing coach, very experianced and ccomplished climber and motivational speaker.


It's a progressive, fun and age appropriate, certified approach to teaching climbing.

Rock Tots is the best session I have ever taken Lucy to, she has so much fun whilst she is learning all these amazing skills. I love it too, especially seeing her progression.
— Lucy's Mum